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Basic Simple Knots

Clove Hitch

A knot that is easy to make. Usable when you want to moor a boat. Do not use to tie something to a square post as it can easily come off.

Rolling Hitch

Use the sheepshank when you want to shorten a rope, or relieving tension from a worn piece of rope. You should load it, otherwise it won't be reliable. You can also fix it with a toggle etc.



A fixed loop, very safe. You can use it when climbing and lifesaveing etc. If your life depends on this knot, you should do an extra knot to make it safer. Otherwise it will not be safe enough, especially if the rope is new. Often learnt by thinking of the end as a rabbit, and the loop as its hole, and as Elma Fudd would say: The wabbit gows up, out of his hole, wound the back of the twee, and back down into his buwwow!

Sheet Bend

The Sheetbend is a knot that you use to tie two ropes together. Good both for thick and thin ropes. Easy to untie. Use the Sheetbend (Becket Hitch) when you hoist a flag, and the loop already exist. The Slipped Sheetbend is even more easy to untie, just snatch the right end.

Square Knot

Timber Hitch

Another knot that is easy to do. It is important that you twist the free endaround itself. Check this by trying to adjust the size of the loop. If it is impossible, you have made a mistake!